If you’ve been  wondering about the Name and Person behind Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent hunt here is an interview that will calm your nerve on this.


Good Evening, how are you today?

U-Chenna: Good Evening, I’m good.

How did you come about this vision Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent Hunt?

U-Chenna: (Smile) okay, well, the vision actually came from my husband, uhm but like I usually tell everyone I believe that God gave his the vision to help me to fulfill my passion, you know to give gospel singers an opportunity to express their self and their love for God.

Okay, this question is on many people’s lips around here, and the question is. How do you fund this GREAT project? 

U-Chenna: The Project is self-sponsored, my husband and I, we are sponsoring it. And we believe that this is a mandate from God, God has told us to go and affect our generation.  We are very very happy to do it, we are sowing on fertile ground, we are actually affecting lives and that is our Joy.


Okay! People think it would have been better if you made it a circular talent hunt and still have gospel music on it. So why did you make it strictly Gospel music?

U-Chenna:  I’m a gospel minister and like I said this is a mandate from God and the instruction is simple and straight forward- go out there and give gospel singers  a platform to showcase their creativity. I have been in the choir for many years and I have been stocked in the four (4) walls of church, I never had an opportunity to express my music and to share the message I have to the world. And I know that there are thousands of gospel ministers that are out there looking for this great platform. So the Holy Spirit said, go out there and…. It must be a gospel music talent hunt. I’m just following the instruction of the Holy Spirit.

Ok, I know everyone loves to be rewarded, what’s going to be the prize awarded to the winners?

U-Chenna:  Ok, we are going to have 3 winners, the first winner goes home with a cash prize, 3Million Naira Record deal and a car and 2Million record Deal for the first Runner-Up and the second Runner-Up will get a 1Million Record Deal.

What can you say about the Auditions in Uyo?

U-Chenna:  Oh my God! It was just amazing, it was awesome. I was expecting to see a lot of talents because I was told Uyo have got talent and for us at Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent Hunt, part of our mandate is to go and fetch talents for God. And when we were told Uyo have got talent we decided to add Uyo as one of our Audition Zone for season 2 and i really thank God for that. It was a huge success, it was a bit tasking, and we had a lot of challenges because obviously Uyo has a lot of talent but at the end of the day we were able to choose the two (2) best ministers that will represent Uyo, so it was pretty smooth and I give God all the glory.


Finally, talking about challenges, what are those challenges you face in this project?

U-Chenna:  Well, for season one (1), one of the challenges we had was setting a standard, we wanted to make a statement for Jesus and that statement was to come out with the very best for God, so putting all that together to meet the very high standard that we wanted was one of the challenges but we were able to accomplish and it was a huge success, so far it’s been very very smooth; God’s grace and and His mercy has been upon this project. Everything has been going on very well. Thank God for my beautiful team, God has given me the very best team members and I thank God for that; I’m sure you’ve experienced that too, I believe that this project is God sent; it’s of God. This is what the Holy Spirit wants to happen in Nigeria. And I really thank God for opportunity He’s given to me to be a part of change to my generation.

We thank you very much and we are expecting you again next year.

U-Chenna:  Sure! Look forward to seeing you too.


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