The quest and journey to Destiny Child City from Uyo began on Tuesday 27 August 2013 at about 9.30am as the Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent Hunt team arrived the venue of the auditions in Uyo- Monty Suites, Uyo and the ‘Wanna-Be’ – the contestants trooped into the venue anticipating to be the winner from Uyo.

Registration and group rehearsals began at about some minutes past 10 O’Clock and this filled the environment with melodic sounds from different groups as they began their first assignment of composing a theme song for Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent Hunt.
It was 2:33pm when the heat was turned on as all the contestants were left to face the music as the audition proper began with U- Chenna, Dani Andi and Tolu as the judges. It was a time of mixed emotional expressions and fun; these were expressed through their performance during the audition. At the end of first day’s Audition, 30 contestants were selected. The final selection was held the next day.

The Audition continued on Wednesday 28th August 2013 as the quest increased and emotional expressions were found everywhere on contestants actions. The second day’s Audition began at 11.07am, where contestants were made to face 3 judges at the same time so it became more difficult because they must have gotten a YES from the 2 out of the 3 judges to qualify for the next level. Elimination began and went from 30 contestants to 21 from 21 contestants to 11 contestants, from 11 contestants to 5 contestants and the vocal battle was intensified. At this stage it was difficult to eliminate because the five of them were good in their own right. The Audition continued till about 12.14am where the first and second winner was finally announced.

Responding to the outcome of the event was one of the Judges- Dani Andi who said he was happy about the success of the event because this was the first time they had so much ties at every stage of the Audition and they found it difficult to choose the winner at each stage adding that Uyo has got a lot of good singers and he was not very surprised at the outcome. Also speaking in the same vein was the music Director of Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent Hunt- Tolu who said Uyo’s Audition was wonderful, because and he did not expect so much from here but they blew his mind, adding that singers in Uyo are just very good and this was shown on the fact that they gave the Judges tough time to finally pick their winners.
WHATSUPCITY also spoke with the winners of Uyo’s Audition and they submitted that they felt great and didn’t expect to be the winners, but God made it so.

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