Kirk Franklin’s Artiste- The Wall Group Release ‘Perfect People’.


Singer/songwriter Kirk Franklin always have a few irons in the fire. His latest project is a quartet of Gospel-singing siblings called The Walls Group. Daniel, Rhea, Paco, and Ahjah are a well-rounded bunch of teenagers from the deep part of the heart of Texas. Their parents, Alicia and Roger, are both musically gifted. Its safe to say that talent runs freely in THIS family. 

Not only is the talent plentiful, but salvation is also. The Walls family LOVE the Lord and don’t mind spreading His Word. And boy! There are a gang of Walls who are willing and able. Alicia and Roger are the proud parents of eight children. Lets meet the brothers and sisters who make up “The Wall Group.”

Via “The Wall Group” website….Via “The Wall Group” website….


Darrel – Darrel Walls is 22 years old and is the eldest member of the Walls Family Singers. He started playing drums at the age of 4 and did so until he replaced them with the organ/keyboard. It is his passion for God that causes him to be an exceptional individual, songwriter and arranger. He aspires to someday be a great producer. 


Rhea – Rhea Walls is 17 years old and is the second oldest of the group. Her shy personality is overshadowed by her governing but delicately pure soprano voice. She has an exceptional ear for music and plays piano and clarinet. But Rhea is also an outstanding athlete who runs track winning the Fort Bend County School District championship title in 100 and 300 meter hurdles. She’s a Junior Olympics contender!


Paco – Paco Walls, 16 years old, is next in the line. Alic is known for his raspy, soulful sound. Paco could win the attention of any crowd with his charm and his peculiar voice. Paco declares that God spoke to him in a dream and called him by his name and told him that he would pastor a mega-church one day. 


Ahjah – Ahjah Walls is 15 and the baby of the singing group. Ahjah has developed into an awesome alto with a unique vibrato. Ahjah can vocally riff and run like her older brother and is setting a course to be a dynamic female vocalist. In between singing, Ahjah loves to draw with aspirations to be a famous cartoonist. 

So refreshing to hear of talented, well-rounded kids who don’t mind working hard and playing even harder! We’re really feeling these siblings’ new song called “Perfect People.” Enjoy the video. Tell us what you think of the new artists.


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