Meet Great Nicholas of Audio Factory


Great Nicholas is described as a ‘Great Gift’ because of the message of Hope he broadcast through his music to thousands of people in southern Nigeria weekly. He is a Lead Psalmist at Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s House On The Rock in Uyo-Nigeria, He has the voice on the theme song of the platinum rated book ‘Burning Hurt’ by Unyime Ivy-King.

The dark-skined soulful Gospel Act who apart from being an RnB, Alternative Rock and Jazz singer is also a writer and a poet, has shared the same stage with highly profiled Gospel Artiste like Samsong, Freke, Osen Odia, Dani Andi and others. Owing to his wonderful and wowcious performances in concerts, conferences and other events around Southern Nigeria; He won a ‘Recording deal’ with Mr. Dehniece’s Award winning Record Label – Audio Factory Records and on Friday, 23rd of August 2013, they released His debut single ‘To Him’.

Mr. Nicholas who is always motivated by stories of people going through hard times and struggles with life’s battle; wants to tell the world that God can do the impossible through them, in his words “I want to let people know they were created and born for more” expresses his purpose of doing what he’s doing.


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