Out Of Your Comfort Zone


From my perspective the comfort zone is a mindset. Mindset where you think you are alright with them yesterday’s achievement also its when you’ve made a bad condition comfortable for you to manage.

Comfort zone makes you see things through a non-challent eye-glass. You see problems as unsolvable. And impossibility has turned out to be the bases of your belief system.


Family, how long have you been at where you are now doing the same thing you’ve been doing over the years? It is not bad to start small but it is evil to continue small. Its time to step-up and move to the next phase of our lives. God does not have a particular level He wants you to stay; He expects you to move from glory to glory. He explains this fact in our live’s manual- The Bible “but the part of the just is like a shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day”.


Family! life is suppose to be moving and not static.


Today refuse to stay at that level; its time to move up.


You will succeed. The blessing is on yOU.


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