ImageMillions of trees in the world are accidentally planted by squirrels
that bury nuts & then forget where they hid them. From the
squirrels I learn, ‘Do Good & Forget’. This will produce results and
make this world a better place.

“Fallen flowers can’t climb back.” If the root is strong, we can
expect new flowers. Don’t think too much about the ‘lost’ past.
Just love the present & live for the future. From the tree, I learn,
“Make your roots strong. There will never be shortage of flowers.”
Nature uses broken things beautifully.

Broken clouds pour rain!

Broken mountains carry rivers!

Broken water flows create waterfalls.

Broken soils set as fields!

Broken nuts provide nourishment!

Broken crops yield seeds!

Broken seeds give bread!

Broken bags enable babies to be born.

From nature, I learn that broken things can be purposeful.
If I feel your heart is broken, God is planning to utilize you for something great.

No Person in This World has ever been rewarded for what He
has RECEIVED. He is Always Honored for What He has GIVEN.
From humanity, I learn my focus should be on giving and not on

Little things, experiences, and observations of life teach us a lot.
Or, should I write, ‘can’ teach us a lot. For us, they are like seeds
that can become trees of strength and lighthouses for direction.
“Grab as many seeds as possible. Create as many trees as
possible. You will see that it’s easy. To ignore these seeds is what
makes life difficult.”


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