We established the fact that procrastination is one of the elements of Laziness. NOTE THAT Procrastination is not laziness but a hand full of it is considered laziness by people. Why do you think people procrastinate? Ok! Let’s take just 1 minute and think it out. Have you found any reason?

I think one of the reasons is that we wait for a perfect weather to do what we are supposed to do. This means we wait for a perfect (place, time, audience and the list goes on) to do what we are supposed to do.

Friends, the truth is there will be no perfect weather to do what you want to. The most perfect time to do it is NOW. Don’t postpone it maybe because it aint urgent, it’s better to finish the job and relax, than to relax now and rush over that job and deliver a half-baked job. Remember you are your product, which means your product explains who you really are. How many times have you not shown you client that u aint disciplined, diligent and dedicated on what you do? And you expect them to regard you as the irony? No, you are as good as your product, so the description of your product is your description.

Now look to those pending jobs, what kept it at that level? I’m almost sure its procrastination. Please do the world a favour and get on that job now and get it done. You are a global person, whatever result you get from what you do in your closet affects everyone globally.

Most times you don’t need to feel like doing it. But it must be done on it real time. Sometimes to get that result you are looking at, you must just close your eyes to the process.

It’s time to send Procrastination to hell. I know you will succeed.



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