Meet James Edikan, The Voice Behind This Hit Song “IKIDI EDIBO” and Downlod the Video Free


Yes, this man dropped a gospel hit song and stayed relatively invisible. Well, today, we are putting a face to the voice behind that gospel hit song – Ikidi Edibo – you must have heard and seen on TV.

And we are doing just that as we unveil Edikan James right here and also get to give you a download link of the very hit song he dropped that has been receiving airplay and steady rotation even without much promo from his side.


James Edikan’s full length album is ready and will be made available in stores before Christmas. Here, get to know about him and also download his video shot by south south’s prolific video producer, Eddie Brendan >> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD VIDEO


James Edikan is the founder of Gospel Gate Invasion. He was born in 1987 into the family of Mr & Mrs Emmanuel James.

He attended Government Primary School Afaha Eket, Eket and went on to attend Government Secondary School Afaha Eket.

He is currently a final year student of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri.

James Edikan started his music career at a young age. He has sang in various groups from childhood and has directed several choirs from the age of 18.

He released his first album with a group called Sheminith and this made a lot of people start following his music. After the release of that album, the group parted and James Edikan became independent. After this split, he released his solo debut album which was a thrill to his fans.

James Edikan is not only a singer but a minister of the word. He is passionate about kids and teens.  He has raised lots of teens in the ways of the Lord and has helped many find their voice in music . He has been a blessing to many and is still working in-line to make sure that every teen he gets in touch with makes good use of his or her life.


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