15 now Born Again Christians return certificates WAEC.

It was reported last weekend by a Nigerian newspaper, The Sun, that no fewer than 15 people have returned their certificates after writing to the West African Examinations Council
confessing that they had cheated while taking examinations.

According to the report, the 15 who say they are now Born Again Christians, wrote separate letters to WAEC confessing their wrong, saying they could not live with the sin.

Some individuals, according to the newspaper, had approached WAEC through letters seeking restitution after they had confessed how they
dubiously acquired their certificates when they wrote the examinations at various periods.

The council wrote back to them, stating that what they were expected to do was to return the certificates awarded in line with the rules and
regulations guiding the conduct of the
examinations. However, only few responded, including a holder of Teachers’ Grade II certificate.

It was learnt that those who complied with the directive returned their certificates to various WAEC offices nationwide and the council took their case to the Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC), which, at its 55th meeting in Lagos, cancelled the returned 15 certificates.

A further investigation revealed that the returned certificates were for West African Senior School Certificate Examinations taken in May/June as
well as November/December of several years.

“A breakdown of the year the examinations were taken revealed that the oldest dates back to June
1983 with certificate no SG 288999.
Others are:
June 1990 (RS0680084c)
June 1992 (NGSS 0994156)
June 1995 (NGSS0265147)
December 1995 (NGSP 0169397)
December 1996 (NGSP 0575264)
December 2000 (NGWASSCP 038771)
June 2001 (NGWASSCS 2451037).
June 2002, two certificates with NGWASSCP 4100224 and NGWASSCS 3894794 were returned and cancelled
June 2003 (NGWASSCS 5009313)
June 2006 two born again Christian returned certificates with NGWASSCP 7747466 and NGWASSCS 8423755
December 2008 (NGWASSCP 05790031) June 2010 (NGWASSCP 13327157)

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