Sarah Jakes with Father(T.D.Jakes) and Mom(Serita Jakes)

Sarah Jakes with Father(T.D.Jakes) and Mom(Serita Jakes)

I’m in the kitchen cooking dinner. Per our custom, or my way of being nosey, we discuss Malachi’s day at school. He likes to help others, but sometimes it’s to his own demise. After a couple of missed assignments I finally told Chi that he couldn’t continue to help others throughout the day with their things until he could start keeping up with his own.

I took inventory of those in my life. Was I missing my assignments because I was too busy trying to make sure someone else didn’t miss theirs? I know I’ve been guilty of doing so many times in the past. How do you balance remaining focused without coming off as arrogant? It’s not that you don’t want to help, but you know that you can’t. Often, we sign up anyway, disappointing others and eventually ourselves when we fail at balancing it all.

Why then do we procrastinate disappointment and waste energy we could have used in pursuing purpose? I would rather be faithful over a few things than a fraud to many. I’m beginning to believe that discipline to my call may require putting on hold the items that drain me but add neither peace nor purpose. Relationships aren’t forms of entertainment; they should be investments that add clarity on your journey of becoming better. I don’t want to stretch myself out of God’s shape just to stay loyal to a familiar stranger with whom I have an entertaining past.

What do you do when you can’t see to aim your slingshot because of all the people you brought with you?

Like a ton of bricks it hit me!
Remember why you chose them to watch you slay life’s giants. You wanted to make them proud. You wanted to add to their life. You wanted to inspire them to live again. You wanted your connection to their soul to make them better. How can you do that less you stay connected to the source?

I believe that God allows connections in our lives that allow us to serve Him and others more effectively. If you’re in my life your love is the wind in my slingshot, I think I’ve got a better chance at slaying my giant with you.  That means when your giant comes he’ll face the wind my love creates. You’ll never face anything alone.

You have to accept when the winds have changed and let some people go.

This is not a call to the egotistical to become more selfish, but rather a reminder to the givers of the world. Do not miss your assignment helping someone else find his or her own. Otherwise, become content failing at a level you tutored everyone else in. You can watch them succeed or show them how to get started.

Growing up in church I heard the story of a woman who served Elijah from her cupboard. Though she knew for certain it was empty, each time she reached in there was enough to feed Elijah, her son, and herself (1 Kings 17). As a child I didn’t remember much after that. I read the story as a teenager and learned the woman’s son gets sick. Then, she begins to question if the man was really from God. When she revealed her frustration Elijah took her son raised him to God. He became healthy again. When the woman’s son became sick, Elijah, the person she was unsure of, lifted her son to God. If I’m for you I give you my last because I know when I’m tired and low on faith your existence lifts me closer to Him.

Why did I just explain that story to you?  The man knew where to go because the scriptures said the Lord directed the woman to feed him. She knew he was coming. Do the people in your life bear His mark or did you accept anything that came along the way?  The woman was surprised each time she went to her cupboard, but Elijah knew it would be there. Do the people in your life help you discover where God dwells within you?

Dear God,
Help us to search for Your mark in all that we do. May we serve others with no other motive than to show them the love You’ve shown us. Thank You for ordering my steps. Give us wisdom to kindle relationships that only brighten our light for You and discipline so that we can protect that light at any cost. 


This Little Light of Mine.

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