WUC CHAT:: Freke, Afy Douglas, FloRocka, Aity Dennis, Unyime Ivy-King, Idy James, Lyn, Pasto Goody Goody and others Speaks about Valentines Day.

Valentine’s Day-February 14 is a day branded as Lovers’ day around the world and people celebrate this day differently according to their perspective about the ‘Red Colour Day’. On the contrary, some people feel it is not necessary to celebrate Lovers’ Day on February 14 because every day is supposed to be Lovers’ day.
Below are opinions of some personalities in the Art world.

Freke Umoh- Music Artiste
The date has become the most celebrated nonpublic holiday we have because it’s centred on love. People like me are quite busy at these times singing and celebrating our Lord Jesus Christ who is love in its truest and purest form. Family is so important. My wife and I always make it special for each other as well. It’s beautiful to take time and celebrate our loved ones this season but we must understand that true love is not seasonal and cannot be merchandised. And the purpose of Valentine’s Day is being misunderstood.

Idy James – Broadcaster/Clergy
St. Valentine’s Day is a Worldly invention, though well thought out, but has been abused practically. It’s a day set aside to show love but people have turned it into a day to make love. It ought to be celebrated by rekindling the agape love of God; Showing love to Families, friends, less privileged and the orphans. The summary is that it has been abused the way it is being celebrated.

Unyime-Ivy King, the Author, Burning Hurt
Personally I do not see any need to set aside a particular day as ‘Lovers Day.’ I know that a lot of people just get caught up in the hype and do not really care for it. I can’t advocate ‘a best way’ for celebrating the day. Personally, I’m married to a man who does not wait for valentine to show me love and vice versa. One of the hallmarks of our relationship is that we keep looking for ways of expressing our love to each other.
By the time the Valentine season comes around, there is really nothing special about the day for me because we try as much as possible to create our own valentines.

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Lyn- Music Artiste/Presenter
For the Valentine Season i only pray we all do not get it twisted. In Life, let our heart desire simply be to walk, live and tell the truth in love. I will be working on Valentine’s Day.

Pasto Goody Goody – Music Artiste
Valentine is a day set aside just like Christmas to celebrate love. For me, it’s all about showing love to the poor and needy and also giving to God a token to show your appreciation. The world today has a point but it’s used wrongly. I don’t love once a year, I love every day. I’ll be performing for love at Nite of a Thousand Laff at Calabar.

Uwemedimo Essien – Bassist (Akwa Ibom State Band)
Of course, we were all brought up with this Valentine setup as a time of love! You and I know that definitely, many things are associated with the season especially when it comes to relationships. In my opinion, all the fuss for Val is really not called for because you won’t tell me that you can’t show love to people except at a certain calendar time in a year! That’s harsh though but it’s the truth.

EL-Chizzy – Music Artiste
Since Valentine’s Day is a day set aside to celebrate and show love to other people, we must let ourselves understand what love truly means. Though many people have their own definition of this word, I strongly believe that to love a person is living for the person’s good. It has less to do with our emotions. I believe if we act with this understanding in mind, we would go far in truly expressing love to people the way it ought to be this season. For me it’s going to be a great day with my friends and family.

Ab Isong- Music Artiste/Presenter
I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day.. February 14 was an old celebration to Juno Februata, the Roman goddess of sexual passion. That day honors infatuation and lust: both are contrary to christian love according to 1 Cor. 13:4-7. We live in a generation where most times we follow the multitude. Because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right. on vals day i am built to minister in Eket and Uyo respectively. I will be pouring my love on my maker via worship.

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Eno Inoyo, Director at Mary Kay
Valentine’s Day is all about showing people that you love and appreciate them. There are different ways to show love. It could be through words of kindness, gifts, being of service, dining out, etc. Everyday has been Valentine’s Day for me and that’s what has kept me married for 21 Happy Years. This Year on VALENTINE’S DAY, I plan to be of SERVICE to the COMMUNITY by spreading CHRIST LOVE through a programme called “KISS THE COMMUNITY” by passing out HERSHEY’S KISSES CANDY wrapped with a Bible verse.

Princess Pat Akpabio – Music Artiste/Entrepreneur
People make valentine’s day such a big deal to exchange gifts with loved ones. Well I do that on regular basis and I express love every day to my rare gem among the rime stones man every day and I’m spending Val’s day with my husband and my children. Show love every day! Don’t wait till Valentine’s Day to do that.

Courage Mbon – On-Air Personality
My view about valentine is simple and straight forward. Love should not be celebrated on 14-02 yearly. For me, love is life! I live to love and I love because I’m alive! This is perhaps because I’ve been shown so much love by friends, fans and even total strangers! However, there’s nothing wrong in taking a day out to remind ourselves of the essence of love and the need to show the special people in our lives how much they mean to us. February 14th serves to remind us and offer yet another opportunity for us to show love!

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Eyo Eminue – Music Artiste
Valentine’s Day may seem like a farce. Why choose 1 day from 365 days to show love and share gifts when you could do that all year round? Well, it has become conventional and perverted so the picture is that, by February 14, a guy is chasing after a girl with flowers and gifts and love and by November 14, the girl would be chasing after the man with pregnancy. Safe to say that Valentine’s Day buttresses my usual saying ‘a man runs after a woman until ‘she’ catches him.

Akan Itanga- Clergy
Valentine is just an opinion of men and it’s viewed differently by different people. But the truth is that, there is no special day we are expected to show love. Jesus showed love (Agape) to everyone who was in need and we are expected to do that as Christians to the best of our abilities.
In my own case I will create time for my wife and kids, take them out and show them love but the message I will want them to get is that I am showing them love not because it’s valentine’s day but because I love and value them because valentine’s day will come and go but genuine love remains.

Sampraise D’oracle – Music Artiste
It’s not a time to Jilt and hurt someone or a moment to indulge in immoral acts or do that which is contrary to God’s word. For me, I’m going show love to someone. That is, by sending a gift to someone and also I’ll be performing, telling people what true love is. That’s ‘God’s love’ through my song.

Onofiok Umo – Entrepreneur/Speaker
My quick view is that valentine should be celebrated by all not just couples, spouses and etc. Everyone is a lover and everybody should be love sacrificially just like the originator.

Great Nicholas – Music Artiste
In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is a day to reminisce a man who made a mark in life, whose name is today in the annals of great men-St. Valentine. Yes, it is necessary to relish this day but it’s also pertinent that the true meaning of love is understood by everyone who wish to be enraptured in its euphoria. Love isn’t a virtue to be expressed in a day. Rather, every opportunity we have to sow into the lives of other people; the seed should be love. And love is God.

Franklin Obot – Speaker
Valentine for me is a season to think of other people. It’s a season to extend love and immeasurable care to others. It’s not about me, but it’s about allowing God to use me to touch a life or two. On how I will spend my Valentine, my lady and I plan to go visit the motherless babies home to share a little of what we have for them, then watch a movie. That’s all (laughs)

Bobby Friga – Music Artiste
I will say Valentine’s Day celebration is not an instruction from God. I’ve never seen in the bible where God commanded Christians to mark dis day “valentine” in honour of love or as symbol of love as the world have claimed. But today’s’ man values, respects & celebrates the order of the world to that of God. The only instruction Christ gave to us was about love was that we should love one another as we love ourselves. Also, husbands should love their wives as Christ loves the church. This simply means that valentine should be an every day practice to us & not a day activity that people abuse in getting drunk, indulging in pre-marital sex, killing themselves, insulting etc. I think it should be a day of forgiveness, care to the needy & elderly ones.

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Olumati Isaiah – Music Artiste/Social Activist
A Lot of controversies surround the celebration of Valentine’s Day. From personal ideals to the religious bias of the conservatives and the non-conservatives, but then, i truly do not see the essence of the confusion, if we could all find and make something good out of every situation. Generally the Valentine’s Day is a day set out for love “Lovers Day” as it’s called and though many people would want to debate on certain points like, why do we have to wait till that day to show love? And love should be shown every day. Love is God, and if we must celebrate Love in all its Beauty we must celebrate it the God way. It really doesn’t have to be shared only with those that we love or are intimate with; we could reach out to different people and show love. Somebody out there needs a hug, a listening ear, a kiss and peck, and also needs you to eat out of the same plate with them.

Aity Dennis – Music Artiste/Editor
Valentine is a day that people have set aside to celebrate the gift of love. Unfortunately,
Some people have misunderstood love to mean promiscuity, and immorality. However, genuine love is an exciting experience and is worth celebrating.

Bassey Bassey – Lighting Consultant/Event Manger
“I Corinthians 13:13 NKJV
And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”
Romans 13:8 NKJV
Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.” Here is talking about God’s kind of love. Offline English Dictionary defines Love as “An intense feeling of affection and care towards another person.”
In summary, Valentine’s Day is not a day to perfect immoral act but rather a day to show kindness, love and affect someone’s life positively. Thank you.

Afy Douglas- Music Artiste
Going by the stories we were told, Valentine’s day is supposed to highlight and celebrate the good deeds of a man. This man showed love in ways only a man inspired by God can show love. I think the best way to celebrate it is to declare a “world charity day” on the 14th of February. Right now it is simply a “sexual immorality day” in the name of love. Couples don’t need a special day to romantically celebrate their love. If they need any they have wedding anniversaries, “first day we met”, “the day she said yes”…and all that. As a minister of the Gospel, I’ll spend mine encouraging young people, pointing them to the right way.

Aniekan James Ekah – Blogger/Event Manager
Valentine is a time to celebrate love and reiterate our commitment to our partners that we will never betray the trust they invest in us. Valentine should be celebrated by doing things you have never done before or things you seldom do. Like listening to jazz music together, exchanging gifts, travelling to a new place, going for a picnic or visiting the sick and less privileged members of our society.

Dachief Umoh- Poet/Entertainment Manager
Valentine’s Day is nothing special to me… It’s a day to show love. And my question is, should love be shown on certain days when the world should stand on love? Every day is lovers’ day. So, I will not do anything other than what I do every other day. I show love every day. I just remember Valentine’s Day because I could make some extra money on that day owing to the nature of my job.

David Pat – Artiste with Davasol
In my own view, i think showing of love and giving of gifts should not only be set aside for valentine’s day. The bible says, “let brotherly love continue”, he didn’t say, “let brotherly love be set aside for the day of love.” That means God expects us to love in and out of season; I’m not saying Valentine’s day should not be celebrated, but showing of love and giving of gifts should not be done as an event, let it be our lifestyle. God loved us first and gave the greatest gift to us even when we never knew and loved him. As for me am going to be in church that evening loving God with some songs of Worship because singing is what i love doing.

FLOROCKA- Producer/Artiste
Personally, i don’t believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day especially with the general context in which it is celebrated. If the aim of Valentine’s Day is simply to show love then the very doctrine of our faith has nullified such a celebration. As a Christian, there is no specific day or season to show love. Loving others should be a ‘default’ setting as a believer. I believe firmly in the love of Jesus Christ and its potency in my life. Valentine is not the author of love and I cannot celebrate in error. Whilst others are busy celebrating valentine as a special day, I celebrate every day as a gift from the Father of all creation. Any celebration that promotes profound carnality is satanic and a gross misconception to God’s original plan and purpose for a fulfilling life. Hence, I treat the day as any other.

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