How To Make A Killer First Impression – Farrah Gray.

Six Ways To Shine When It Matters.

There’s a saying that has been around for like 100 years: “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” (Will Rogers)

How true it is still today! So it’s important to knock it out of the park the first chance you are at bat. And like most cues for success, it does need some preparation. Here are five ways to make a killer impression.

1. Prepare your body and mind. These two things are so simple and just plain sensible that you might neglect to practice and prepare them. When it comes to your body, your posture is of the utmost importance. Stand up straight (of course) and exude confidence. And prepare your mind to speak to strangers. Be ready to look someone right in the eyes and make a connection. This can be practiced on family members or friends or strangers when you go to get your coffee! Again, it’s about confidence and impressing that person with an air of “I’m about something!”

2: Accessories with caution: When it comes to the business world, to much and too flashy can definitely be drawbacks. Think about what your watch says about you – that Disney watch holds a great family memory, but it’s not going to impress a potential investor or possible future boss. Ladies, think about what those huge earrings and big bag says about you… maybe your friends are down with that look, but will a bank president of Fortune 500 CEO dig it?

3. Stay home on bad days. Yes, it’s true! If you can avoid heavy-duty business meetings on days when you are anxious or depressed, do so. A perspective employer will pick up on your mood, so stay home, or if you must make the appointment, do something fun before you go so you are in a most positive state of mind.

4. Be contagious. That means you should show genuine interest in the person you are engaging. Once you approach someone or meet, find a way to compliment him/her without being cheesy. If can be a conversation starter. Most people do like to talk about themselves, so you can make an immediate connection and they will reciprocate, and whala! Your foot is in the door.

5. Have an intention. Design your pitch. Think ahead about the person or persons you are going to meet and what kind of impression you want to make. Don’t be afraid to practice in front of family, friends and the mirror. You are selling yourself and you will be the best salesperson ever, as long as you know what exactly it is you are selling, whether it’s your skills, personality, business plan, etc.

6. Handle your business. If someone is introducing you to someone, handle your business. Speak for yourself. Don’t let your friend tell this important person, a possible gatekeeper to your advancement, who you are and what you do. Engage him/her with questions or comments apropos to the setting.

Go ahead. Get up to the plate and stand ready to knock it out of the park!

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