TECH:: BBC Sport app update for iOS/Android adds live goal alerts.

Real-time goal alerts available for iOS and Android app
The free BBC Sport app for iOS and Android has been given a major update which adds real-time live notifications. The update includes kick-off, real-time goal alerts, half-time scores and full-time result for more than 150 UK football teams.

For those football fans stranded from their TV every Saturday, this app will no doubt come as a big relief, especially when you consider that 71 per cent of all weekend traffic for BBC Sport comes from smartphones, iPads and tablets.

The app does already have a focus on football, however it also contains sections for rugby, cricket, f1, tennis, golf, as well as international events such as World Cup 2014 and Commonwealth games.

The app update was launched as a result of audience research and will continue to work with user’s feedback, so hopefully it will tick all the boxes for football fans.

The BBC Sport team have also made it clear they have plans to further add to the app, adding more types of alerts, even more personalisation and expanding it to outside the UK – so keep your eyes peeled, there’s more to come.

by Tom Hale

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