::INSPIRATIONAL:: The Way Up (Part 1).

God will not do His job and do yours too. God gives us success in the form of grace but it is in our place to strategize and work out our success.

Watch this! In a passage gotten from the life’s manual – Joshua 8:1,2, God gave Joshua success (Grace), but in from verse 5-8, Joshua strategized, He mapped out a workable plan.

Friend, its important to know that God energizes and we strategize.
We fail sometimes because we want God to come and do for us what we can and should do for ourselves.

Why then would God give us brains if we were not meant to think out what He has kept for in that realm for thinkers to discover through thinking.

Dear Friend, end that “useless” wait on God to do what you should do, get up and work your way to the top.

Remember: God energize and we strategize.

By: @MarvelUmoh

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