THE WISDOM MEMO:: Write The Vision

“How far you will go is determined by how far you can see(vision)” ~Marvel Umoh

A vision is a picture in your mind or spirit that drives what you do. The next time you see an achievement or a good success some where- know that you are looking at a product of a vision.

Napoleon Hill once said “cherish your visions and your dreams like the children of your soul; the blueprint of your ultimate achievements. So whenever you have an idea, a plan or a lesson in your mind or spirit, it is important to write it down because it is either for you or for someone, somewhere, someday. It is important to note that every one has a message for every one. Some one need to read your vision and run with it, that vision may be the only condition for someone’s promotion. So I charge you today to WRITE THE VISION

We have to understand that the world is inter-woven; every body has something to offer to each other. The reading of your vision may inspire someone to develop a mind blowing idea that has the capacity of turning the world right side-up – write the vision.

Visions inspires, motivates, quickens and keeps you focus. So if you lost your vision; you’ve lost direction in your mission. Visions directs one’s journey through life; not doing everything but something worth-while.
Sometimes that vision you’ve gotten is not for you, it may be for the next generation. Its vital to note right here that not all Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream came to light when He was alive but was ‘turned-on’ when he was gone. Some visions are for the next generation, thats why we need to write it down.

Remember that how far you will go is determined by how far you saw.
Write the vision today.

BY: Marvel Umoh[2012] | @MarvelUmoh

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