WINNING STRATEGIES with Joel Udegbe [Season 1 Week 1] | @JoelUdegbe

The Reality of a Dream in Motion

When we eventually arrive, possibility becomes clearer and what was once a height now becomes a platform.

Each day we live, we either stand in a dream or dream standing in a reality we came to know. Either way, we embrace what is present with hope for something bigger, better and more impacting.

When each platform becomes one that focuses on making a difference, touching lives and transforming a generation, you realize our quest for more never ends and our desire for greatness transcends our personal ambition.

So we resolve as our winning strategy – any day we stand in the fulfilment of a dream is not to have arrived but to create a path others can follow, to drive possibility in the challenges before others.

Like it or not, know it or not, if your dream is bigger than you, there are just as much people behind you as there are ahead of you, there are just as much people ridding on the platform of your doggedness to win as there are that inspire you to win.

You don’t have to know them, you just have to keep going, your trail can be spotted miles away; it’s a dream that is beyond you and it’s a reality that keeps you and your dream(s) in motion.

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