Where Are My Dreams? || WINNING STrATEGIES with JOEL UDEGBE (@JoelUdegbe)

To exist is to dare a vision, to decide to live is to dare a dream!

If you have ever met with setbacks, delays, uncertainty and more questions than answers in the pursuit of something bigger than you, a quest beyond your obvious weaknesses, a defiant to clear limitations surrounding you, congratulations!…

Someone asked me, What is the essence of having a dream? What does it really mean to have a dream? Doesn’t it mean just having desires or wishes you would like to see come through?

Perhaps you have given up on the “dream idea”, because of obvious limitations here and there…

To have a dream goes beyond mere selfish desires, ambitions and goals. To have a dream extends beyond what makes you feel good, comfortable and appears to get you attention…

What makes your pursuit a worthy dream is not how it makes you feel but how relevant it is to life and creation. The moment your focus is diverted from impacting others and touching lives, you begin to loose relevance of your dream and pursuing it becomes tiring, hence the question – Where are my dreams?

Not one human is born a failure and I am yet to see one of God’s creation without a life changing dream (that’s why you are still alive). It does not matter how long it takes for the dream to come through, what matters is holding on till it comes through, be it your life time or not, and history will judge you right when the time comes (ask Martin Luther King Jr.)…

So we resolve as our winning strategy this week – dust those dreams off the shelve, embrace the present reality and holding on to hope, look ahead, touching one life a time, give hope and a reason to live to one person a time, show someone a path to follow, drive a cause for positive change, inspire a generation…

Go beyond your obvious limitations because that is all it means to dream!

#GetInspired  #StayInspired

Have A Great Week Ahead!

– Joel Udeghe

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