the reality of impossibility only “lies” in the consciousness of what you know…

To label a thing as impossible is the conclusion that there is nothing within the knowledge you presently posses capable of proffering solution to the challenge at hand…

Such position does not conclude in totality that the challenge at hand is IMPOSSIBLE. At best, we are right to deduce that impossibility is a temporal state subject to available knowledge.

Hmm…now I am sounding like a philosopher, but think about it…as I sat at in my office thinking through the solution of a problem that surfaced, one part of me concluded it was absolutely impossible but just as it occurred to me the reality of that statement, it also dawned on me that for my goal to be achieved, this seemingly impossible task must become possible…

So, I reckon that when there is a will to succeed and a determination to WIN, knowledge must increase where we face impossibility for victory to become the prevailing reality…

It then becomes obvious that there is no challenge worth labelling “impossible”, rather we strive to attain a state of knowledge which is above the challenge, by this we see a way out, we see victory instead of failure, we see hope instead of defeat…

Life becomes one with a quest to seek wisdom rather than fame or fortune. So friend, take a look around, is there any seemingly “impossible” tasks before you? I see a good opportunity to seek wisdom, I see a good opportunity to strive to know what you do not know, and when you have attained that state, you will realize…

It was not impossible after all, it was just a lie taking advantage of your ignorance. So I challenge you – this week, dare every impossibility in the face and see your dreams come alive!
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