BLACK HISTORY MONTH: The Truth Today – Deborah Achibong|| @dlavorville

It’s been a while but I felt this is the right time to tell this story, I remember as a young child my grandfather had a friend called Mirror at the end of each days visit  my grandfather will gladly ask his friend, ” Mirror Mirror, oh my friend who is the fairest of the world”? and Mr Mirror would always reply “Oh Archibong my dear friend  as usual the rich, those who own the golds and diamonds, and he would always conclude in a dramatic way saying “the wealthy are the fairest my dear friend”. This went on from time to time and several times he had the same reply.

I left grandpa’s place after each vacation back to my parents but I always returned once I had another vacation from school because it was a fun place for me. After my high school,
this time I had a longer vacation so I decided to visit  grandpa as usual, my first night at granpa’s place, Mr Mirror came to visit like he did other times. At the end of their conversation,  my
grandpa asked him, “Mirror Mirror oh dear  friend, who is the fairest of the world? and Mr Mirror replied “Oh Archibong Not as usual, this  time its the talented ones, the creative minds, the bold ones the Intelligent ones”, Mr Mirror  kept talking and immediately I realized this; Today we no longer celebrate the rich unlike old times but we celebrate the bold minds that are
at work. Bringing in innovation one way or the other.

Join me today as we celebrate black history month, lets celebrate:
The bold Public speakers
The beautiful supportive brides
The gifted professionals
The talented entertainers
 The right fighters,
The blacks who made history and are still making history.
Thank You

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