Worth Much More || WINNING STRATEGIES with Joel Udegbe [@JoelUdegbe]

To everything there is a purpose and every purpose represents a value not undermined…

Several years ago, I heard a great man speak of greatness and value. One phrase he uttered that rang continuously after his speech is “Why am I like this?”. Rather than the phrase suggesting to undermine ones person, it was uttered to provoke a consciousness which suggests the circumstances, tendencies and behavioural pattern surrounding an individual, to a great extent points to the purpose for which that person exists…

These tendencies may fall on the extreme either positively or negatively but it does not erase the underlining truth that there is value and purpose worth much more than the individual is currently harnessing.

What is your life worth?
Why are you here?
Are you just a number?
Is this all there is to you?

These questions I inferred from the phrase – “Why am I like this?”. It occurred to me then that for me to WIN in life, these questions need answering, and why many shy away from the answers, it is no secret that we answer them unconsciously as we proceed in life by the results we produce, the decisions we make, the challenges we encounter, the dreams we achieve and ultimately the things we WIN at…

If truly we are worth much more (and YES we are), would we be about what we are about today? Would these seemingly difficult obstacles be our end or bread for us? Would life simply be a passing through or a victory through? Would each day be yet another or one to make another difference?

How much are you worth? To everything there is a purpose, every purpose represents a value and that value is never undermined – Be positioned rightly!

The choice is yours and it starts NOW!

#getinspired  #stayinspired

Have A Great Week!

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