…this too SHALL PASS! || Winning Strategies with Joel Udegbe || @JoelUdegbe

“…victory is not an illusion, irrespective of how long you may have to wait…”
In one of my sessions with my mentor, I took to heart a statement that could not be more true… “If you lose something in a room, having not left the room, there is no telling that your determination to find it inside that room is as certain as your resolve that it must be found…” (I paraphrase)
…when there is a determination to seek out victory regardless of the prevailing circumstance, you know just too well that it’s only a matter of time…
…it is often said that nothing lasts forever, but this reality is not always our confidence, especially when we have been down a particular road for far too long…
I met a few people recently whose situation seemed like a dead end but with hope kept alive and an awakening stirred in their hearts, it became obvious that really ‘nothing lasts forever’…
…so I reckon, when change is so much desired and victory appears to be an illusion, irrespective of the lingering circumstance, the belief that what you seek can and must be found is your ticket out…
…such that whatever your lot, you stand strong and tall, looking fierce at your opposition, your voice echoing that which your heart has resolved “…this too shall pass”

…and like many others before it, this too shall pass…
#getinspired  #stayinspired


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