It is written || WINNING STRATEGIES with Joel Udegbe [@JoelUdegbe]

“…every story has a story teller, he determines how the story ends…”
Recently, I began talking about victory and how at certain points in our lives it may appear to be an illusion but our unwavering belief in what we have come to believe to be true is perhaps our greatest key to seeing that victory…
…I have observed the metamorphosis into victory, I have watched transformation occur even in the most unlikely scenarios but one common path is always what happened at the beginning…
…you cannot completely comprehend a movie from the middle or the perceived end, you always have to find a way to refer to the beginning to get a comprehensive view of the whys, when’s, hows and where’s that occur along the way…something always happen at the beginning that creates a picture of how things unfold and helps project how things will unfold…
At a defining moment in his time here, the Son of the most high would utter a phrase I have come to cherish in shaping my world and holding firm to my belief and dreams – “it is written…” and you will agree with me that whatever has been written remains effective as long I as I align my path with its path…
…It is a victory dance before the victory, it is a joyous shout before the joy, it is a glorious experience before the experience as you find out that which is written about you is noting less of greatness and complete victory…
…regardless of how the middle is unfolding or how the end is perceived unfavourably, knowing that which is written is one that ends in victory and focusing more on that victory is the path way to experiencing the future so desired.
This week, take a moment to reflect on that which is written about your dreams, hopes and visions, bring them before your opposition, affirm your stand and belief in it, no matter the perspective the thoughts of failing take, if winning is what is written, then winning will be the end!
It is written…it’s your choice to affirm it. You CANNOT fail!
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