A MOMENT IN TIME || Winning Strategies with Joel Udegbe || @JoelUdegbe

No matter how difficult a situation is, there comes a moment (however brief) where your resolve to win is at its peak…
It is often said that the greatest battle is the one fought in the mind and the greatest victory is one you win when you have overcome self…nothing could be more true!
I have spoken with folks at the point of quitting, I have experienced first hand what it means to give up on a dream, I have encountered the reality of failing and the possibility of failure and I can say in very clear terms, there is nothing honourable about letting a dream die…
…every dream has a strand of hope that keeps it hanging. Even when you cannot see the possibility of realizing that dream, it hangs in there, and when it appears nothing is been done or achieved, it keeps handing in there…
…but then there comes this moment (sometimes very brief) where a ray of light shines on your dreams and what appeared absolutely impossible a few seconds ago suddenly becomes POSSIBLE and you wonder why you lost faith in the first place…
…then, just like a quick movie, time pass and you are back in square one, doubting what you just believed a few minutes before. I can clearly relate to this as a Pastor (that moment when you sense God’s presence so strong, everything appears POSSIBLE)…
Our drift this week is understanding that such moment(s) do not just exist momentarily but constantly at play continuously. They do not change, however, WE change, WE evolve, WE doubt, our minds drift but the possibility is CONSTANT!
When the night dawns, you cannot see the sun but it’s existence cannot be denied…so is every dream you hold dear in your heart. It may not appear visible this instance but its existence and possibility cannot be denied and if you would reach out for that moment in time more frequently, you will realize you are living in possibility all along and impossibility was just mere illusion…
…find this moment and when you do, make it a daily habit – that’s what it means to WIN! NOTHING is impossible!

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