MUSIC: EDISE – Goodnews Faith-Walker (@GoodnewsFaithW)


Goodnews Faith-Walker is an R&B Artiste with a great passion to lead God’s people into the place of Worship, a ‘new kid on the Block’  who’s also a member of the Gospel Gate Invasion Team.

Goodnews who also is a Speaker and a writer has worked with Ab iSong, James Edikan and is influence by William Murphy Jnr, Zacardi Cortez, James Edikan and you can notice it from his unique sound.

His Debut Single EDISE means come and see in the Akwa Ibom language where he hails from. Great lyrics, smooth melody and harmony, amazing Vocal delivery and a completely wowcious song!



Contact GoodNews Faith-Walker

Twitter: @GoodnewsFaithW

Facebook: Goodnews Faith Walker


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Its really a cool song…..i like it…more grace to you, keep it up

  2. Gospel gate invasion says:

    Wow i love this…..this song is so inspiring and it has been a blessing to the body of christ…keep it up bro…more grace….sharing it to all my friends already and they are all liking it

  3. Blessing Bassey says:

    Wowcious indeed….Edise is my best song,am using it as my ringing tone…i love this song…keep up the good work…more grace sir

  4. Goodnews Faith Walker says:

    Thanks so much my friends….i appreciate all ya comments..enjoy Jesus:::: keep playing and sharing Edise

  5. Tessy B says:

    Just remain focused

  6. glory sunday says:

    Dis song is so wonderful…

  7. Inyene Udonta says:

    This z one of d best songs i’ve ever heard
    It keeps inspiring me each time i play it
    I pray 4 more grace upon your life

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