I treat you like a nobody created out of no tangible thing
Then go back to my computer and tweet using the hashtag LoveWins
Defining love in opposition to our Father who watches us from above
With smiles from a heart that knows how to love everything except Love
Rearrange; a heart that knows how to love everything except God
Put it well; a heart that is loyal to nothing except me,
Me, myself and I is all I long to make happy,
So I fight everything and everybody including the He
He that made me and gave me the arsenal I operate from against Him
How cold could my heart be?
How off timed could my heart beat?
You see He did not create me to fight Him
He put in me His sim card to facilitate communication with others through Him
But I loaded credits on the card and call everybody on my phone book except Him
Ignoring all His call centre numbers, He still sends sms to me reminding me of what He expects from me.
Moving from sms He makes voice calls just to let me know He is patiently waiting for me
I keep ignoring His calls; the question is “How much did I pay for the sim?”
Why did I deceive me and told me that the card belongs to me,
Why am I unlawful enough not to keep to the terms and conditions… Or why didn’t I read it in the first place…
Was I told my sim could be blocked at any time and/or given to someone else?

To LOVE means to Look Over Vanity Entirely

Their description and everything they said about love was everything but Love
How stupid can stupid be, given that I was created in the image and likeness of the all-knowing God
Still being ignorant or ignoring the terms and conditions
When I read the terms and conditions drafted by LOVE in person
It fuelled my inner love with a high rate of combustion
Then I used my real eyes to realise that the man Love was someone I needed to meet in person
That changed my mindset on what I ever heard or knew about LOVE

Love has more than the hospital patients
His ability to wait is magnificent
Love is the Head of Department, Department of Kindness
What you have doesn’t freak Love out
When you are happy Love’s happiness sprout
He ain’t no tout so He doesn’t for Himself scout
Love harbours no evil within or without
He makes all things beautiful before its timeout
He is the Union of Big, Strong and Reliable
Your bet on Love is justifiable

Why should love keep fighting the innocent and winning battles it had no business with?
The question is which is Love? It or Him?

Answer that from the above

I may be Condolisa Rice speaking seven languages with no interference
I might be strong enough to have a civil conversation with Michael and Gabriel before disappearance
I might roll with the title of PHILANTHROPIST PER EXCELLENCE
Even if I spend 27 years in jail fighting racism with no court appearance
If love has no room in my house; If I live life without the right tolerance
My coming would’ve been useless and I will end with no fee for appearance

America says #LoveWins and I totally agree to the last letter
Korede Bello says #GodWins… Same thing… You can’t stop Him… He always gets the better


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