Is BC2AD RECORDS the Future Of Gospel Music in Southern Nigeria?


The future is here

The #GospelMusic industry in #AkwaIbom has been in existence since the creation of the state though mostly underdeveloped. Reasons behind the little or no successes recorded can be attributed not only to the lack of structure (Music Business) but also and very importantly the #GospelArtistes.

Most of them think of Music more like ministry and less of the business allowing incompetence and being unprofessional.  Over the years, many have come but very few have made their mark.  A good number of them walk into their luck and make it and the rest of them aren’t too lucky.  The truth remains that #GospelArtistes have more opening /Shows than their counterparts doing secular music… But it’s very sad to notice that most of them do not maximize the opportunity. It’s in the light of this that an all #GospelMusic label was birthed to led the way… To help #GospelArtistes especially those in #AkwaCross to learn the running of the #MusicBusiness, Talent development, Quality Production, Publicity, Promotions, marketing, distribution. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s introduce the future of Gospel music: BC2AD Records.

BC2AD Records is sharing the Before Christ and After Christ experience through quality music, campaigns and outreaches.

Considering the fact that the Label will have to sort for #GospelMusic Artistes to sign on to the Labe, hence the need to relate the Label’s activities with the public can’t be overemphasized. On that note, BC2AD Records have contracted the services of Akwaowo “Mayor” Otu of tibCOMPANY to be the official spokesperson of the Label. Any suggestions, contributions and enquiries about BC2AD Records should be made available to him and subsequently to the owners of the Label.

This is one opportunity you don’t want to miss, whether you’re signed to the Label or under its management department of the company. Kingdom music should be of great quality no matter the genre. BC2AD Records aren’t magicians but we believe we owe this generation and the ones to come, great #AkwaIbom #CrossRiver  #GospelMusic

Contact Akwaowo Otu

@Iamaekay on Twitter.


Tel: 08100095151

Facebook: Mayor Aekay Otu


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