“Yes I am in a relationship” – NOSA (@NosaAlways)


Multiple award winning gospel singer, Nosa, has expressed his pains about gospel music in Nigeria. He told Saturday Beats that Nigerians only care about gospel music when they are going through bad times in life.

“How many radio stations play gospel songs weekly? As numerous as gospel musicians are in Nigeria, we only get three hours airplay in a week for our songs. Radio stations say they have a directive not to play gospel songs on a week day except it is between 1am and 4am but who would be awake to listen? The industry does not welcome gospel songs. The fans also do not care about gospel songs.

“There are enough gospel songs to catch people’s attention but when they are not listening, what do we do? Gospel music is big in other places in Africa. A lady from Kenya won a MOBO award in South Africa and was given a state welcome when she returned home. Nigerians don’t really care about gospel music even though we are a religious country. People listen to gospel songs only on Sunday or when they are going through bad times. It is painful when your work of art is rejected not because it is not good enough but because there is a system that does not reward such creativity. However, if you sing nonsense, you would be rewarded. It is painful that the public is biased towards gospel music,” he said.

Nosa who was once very close to popular rapper, Illbliss, also explained why he was not signed to Illbliss Record label.

He said, “I was close to Illbliss and thought I would be signed on to his record label but obviously we were not on the same page. I was ready to be with them and we had a meeting but they were not ready to sign me and since I did not hear anything from them, I decided to move on because we did not have a contract. As at the time, I was already doing a lot by myself. Illbliss was very much interested in my music but he was busy with a lot of projects.”

For ladies who have been eyeing the singer, he told Saturday Beats that they should look away because he is taken.

“Yes I am in a relationship. We met at an event after my performance. She was delighted about my performance. She is my number one fan and that was how it started. At first it was just a normal relationship till we began to talk and I noticed she was intelligent and smart. I admire her a lot because she is a born again Christian,” he said.



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