ONCE & FOR ALL || WINNING STRATEGIES With Joel Udegbe [@JoelUdegbe]


Never define God’s ability by the present state of the circumstances around you…

…the fact that nothing appears to have changed in the present does not mean it has not changed in God’s sight. His love is infinitely greater than his judgment and even in judgment, there is amazing boundless love…

Imagine you have a deadline to meet in 24 hours and it appears at the moment you do not have the capacity or resources to meet that deadline, the normal strategy would be to conclude that since it appears you do not have the resource at 24 hours to go, the deadline is as good as dead…but truth remains that God’s plan to help you meet the deadline did not come when the deadline arose, it came way before there was any sign that you would even be caught up in any deadline…

…my point is this, God’s love is super abundantly amazing that it covers everyone and anyone, not requiring first our qualification but the qualification of Christ and in that qualification God supplies the resources to meet every and any deadline miles away before they even arrive…

…sometimes it appears the consequences of our actions suggests we may have made a wrong decision along the way but to completely trust in the finished work of Christ, knowing that God made provision for our wholeness when it was obvious we could not qualify for it, how much more now that the work of Christ is complete…

…your confidence then should be in the finished work of Christ rather than the things you need to do to get God on your case, and believe me, there is absolutely nothing you ‘can’ do to get God on your case. You became his priority by his choice not your choice, way before you showed up. The more you expose yourself to Christ and his finished work, the more the Glory of Grace and everything that comes with the finished work on the cross rubs off on you, reflecting in and through you, affecting your daily life and living…

…to live with this consciousness sets you up for a winning life daily because there remains no more sacrifice but the ONCE and FOR ALL qualification by and in Christ Jesus!

#getinspired #stayinspired


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