#BusinessMonday: With Gidyon Thompson Business and Event Just Got More Rewarding


Gidyon Thompson is a personality brand of Gidyon okon Thompson.

Gidyon Thompson primarily is concerned with adding value and increasing value in individuals, operations and families.

As a result, he has consulted for groups and coperations like Team Revolution, Improve360, New Dawn project, Rising Star Gospel and a host of others.

Gidyon Thompson is a speaker and Consultant who is particularly known for developing ideas and turning them into positive investments.

He popularised the phrase ‘Ideaprenur’ as he is in the business of helping people become better and live a better life and has over time dedicated most of his time to Branding, Cooperate Identity Development,  Event Branding and Personality Branding.

You can simply describe Gidyon Thompson as a Brand Executive, an Ideaprenur and a Speaker.

Contact Gidyon
+234-8130650878, gidyonokon@gmail.com

Facebook: Gidyon Thompson

Twitter: @GidyonThompson

Instagram: @AmbGidyon

Contact Gidyon Thompson for your next Conference and for your Event Branding.

#Advance2016 #GidyonThompson


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  1. Skylar Emmanuel says:

    Quite the thinker.

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