The Earth Is Hungry || #MalachyLounge with Sampson Malachy [@iAmMalachy]


Sampson Malachy

If God had created planet earth to have a “stomach structure” similar to that of humans and she was made to eat daily and her special and everyday diet was “Human Character and integrity”.

What would become of her today?

The earth has about 7 billion people inhabited in it. But how many out of the 7 billion can boldly tell the world that their lives are void of Deceit, Character Assassination, Hate and many other unsaid evil.

Hmmmm!  I know what you’re thinking right now. “You mean this dude needs a perfect human being?” No!!! Please don’t crucify me yet. Cos all I need is someone I can trust, a person with an Unwavering character, a person of integrity and value. I need a person God can be proud of or recommend anytime and any day.

So please, out of the 7billion people that are breathing and kicking, how many of such people can we point to?

If the earth was to feed on “human character”, she will be having Junk and Unbalanced meal for food every day. Don’t you think she would be battling with Mal-Nutrition by now?

The world will be a better place, if we allow God to ‘Lord’ over our daily dealings. How do you feel when you’re being cheated or being defrauded of money in a business? You feel good right?

If we apply this good old adage “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you” it will go a long way in cutting down some ills in the world drastically.

Have you ever lost a love one before? How did you feel? Do you think of this when you wanted to pull the trigger against that man? We can make the world more beautiful and colorful, if we apply the fear of God to our lives daily. God bless you.



Sampson Malachy is a United Nation Online Volunteers, Radio OAP and Mediapreneur. He is passionate about making the world a better place for all. Follow him on Twitter: @Iammalachy


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  1. wisdom says:

    Nice article, Very profound and straight to the point.

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