Enomfon to Launch New Inspirational Album – Harmony of Hearts Online


After 16 years of silence, Enomfon Ntefon, the Visionary of Harmony of Hearts International and co-Pastor of The King’s Family, United Kingdom, today announces the digital release of her new Harmony of Hearts Music album for Saturday, February 27, 2016.

The album, which will be available on iTunes at http://www.harmonyofheartsmusic.com, comprises the following inspirational and spiritually uplifting tracks:

  1. The Dominion Anthem
  2. The Presence Of The Lord
  3. Harmony Of Hearts
  4. There Is None Like You
  5. Thank You Lord

“The aim of Harmony of Hearts Music album is simply to encourage people to unite their hearts in worship and service to God” said Enomfon. “My music is primarily to package God’s truth and standards in a livable format. Living out God’s truth from our heart out is the real worship!” she added.
“These songs are primarily targeted at Church Leaders, People of faith, Church members, families and groups. Harmony of Hearts Music album provides relevant music intended to allow the power of unity, love, collaboration and to ignite corporate worship that releases God’s presence than can be achieved by any individual,” said Enomfon.


Enomfon is a wife, mother, grandmother, pastor, artiste, author and entrepreneur
, the Editor of the Bounce Back Magazine, and author of several self-help books. She is currently based in London but travels internationally to minister the Gospel in different capacities. According to her, the new album has uplifting music to heal their hearts, strengthen their relationship with God and with each other within families, congregations of worshippers, groups and organizations.

For further information, contact: Edi Umoren | Phone: +44-750-672-9644 | info@harmonyofheartsmusic.com | Website: http://www.harmonyofheartsmusic.com.


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