Attributes of my ID ( Identity) || Speak Up with Debbie


Imagine this,

You were at a wedding reception and the groomsmen all stood to give a toast for the newly wedded couple. They were six but one had stepped out quickly to attend to an issue and the other five went ahead. The five all had words to say: Heartfelt, tear dropping, encouraging words to toast to and immediately the fifth groomsman finished speaking, the doors opened gently and the sixth man walked in.

He does not utter a word, he walks boldly, with so much confidence in his heart, picks up a glass of wine with authority, looks at the couple and the guests. Now everyone is whispering, “He looks like a doctor. No, he looks like an architect. No, he is a businessman, he looks rich.”

Finally, he Nods his head with the most delightful smile ever seen. The toast is finished and the wedding reception has come to an end.

At the end of this reception, you walk up to the sixth groomsman, to tell him you liked his little you know dramatic toast,  though he did not utter a word but from his, boldness, courage, authority to his looks, Lord help you! he did give a good toast. Then you realize my dear friend is a sign teacher and does not speak  that’s why he did not utter a word.

Okay that’s the end of the imagination. Come to reality, yea, back to you and I.

Think of how many times we have had the opportunity to introduce ourselves properly. I mean a chance  to  make that one time impact and we realize we are not properly clothed with the right attributes. Sometimes, we later ponder on it and ask ourselves “why didn’t I do that thing right when i know i’m good at it?”

Don’t get this twisted but we’re missing the right Identity.

Being dumb doesn’t mean you can’t smile, be confident.

Being silent doesn’t mean you can’t encourage yourself.

Speak up with not just words but with your Identity.

In this generation, we want to hear few words and see more attributes. You can’t be a doctor and faint every time a patient dies. We are all born with something in us, if you don’t build it, you my friend, will be a doctor with an artist Identity. You would be a hairdresser with a painter’s identity.

You do something obviously awesome and more than ten people still don’t recognize that work? Boy o boy, you need an Identity. Quit being patronized for what you have built inside of you.

Build your Identity, not because you need it but because it is required, If you wish to speak up, start with an Identity.

Let your Identity not only keep the audience wondering, but Let your Identity tell people who you are, your abilities, your likes and dislikes, your wants and needs. Let your Identity also attract the right or the wrong.

To Prevent Identity crises, answering this questions sincerely will help.

1. What names you  are Identified by?
2. Which group of people are you identified with?
3. What kind of jobs are you identified with?
4. Ultimately you would wonder, where do I  begin to build my  identity?

Here’s my response: if you know who your creator is, your life guard, and who you really look like, then build an identity from there.

In my bible, Genesis 1:27- God is my creator,  I am an  image of  my creator So I  have an identity from him, of him, by him.

The End.

Thanks alot for reading.

Attributes of Tic- Toc ( Time)

Edited by VERA FRANK


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