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Recap of last week
We began at a wedding reception, willed down to getting a proper identity. Ended with the question, how do I build my identity? Here’s my response “if you know who your creator is, your life guard, and who you really look like, then build an identity from there. In my bible, Genesis1:27- “God is my creator, I am an image of my creator so I have an identity from him, of him, by him.”
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Take a look at your watch. Tick
Keep reading this article. Tock
Who knew, to everything there is a season. Tick
A time for every purpose under heaven. Tock
A time to be born. Tick
A time to die. Tock
A time to plant. Tick
A time to harvest what was planted. Tock
A time to embrace. Tick
A time to refrain from embrace. Tock
A time for peace. Tick
A time for war. Tock
Ecclesiastes 3 verse 1 through 9. Tick
Take a look at your watch. Tock

Lol! I am sure you would not notice but you have been reading for approximately 42 seconds since the last time you checked your watch. (If you did). Guess what, that is exactly how time keeps going. We cannot pause it. We cannot rewind it and neither can we put it on repeat.
Despite the fact that God predetermines every single event in our lives that does not qualify us to spend time gazing into the sky all day wondering, asking and cursing.

I have heard businessmen, students, Professors; even parents on several occasions say “time is money”. I should qualify that statement as the ultimate and only attribute of time because I know the amount of time we spend on being productive earns us a result which basically means we achieved a goal. It might not be the right choice or right moment or right opportunity you know, nevertheless we always feel accomplished and proud.

Honest question, do we really get results for every second that ticks on our watch, phones and even clocks? Hmm! Here are my thoughts. “A student, who spends time studying with the right academic materials through a semester, gets a good result. A writer, who spends time reading other books and blogs, expands his/her ideas and vocabulary. Couples, who spend time with their children, bond more and control what they are exposed to. A pastor who spends time meditating on the word of God, gets a deeper revelation and insight for his/herself and the congregation. A singer who spends time practicing, putting his/her vocals to work. Knows his/her ability and cannot be tossed by any song.

I believe with this, now I can conclude that the statement “Time is money” is the ultimate attribute of time. You know what feels like money to you. One second spent wisely gives a second result, thirty minutes spent rightly gives a thirty minutes result… (and so on).

There is time for everything, no matter what time it is in our lives; let’s make the MOST of it.



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  1. Nice piece. Indeed time is money. For every time we spend, we are either making money or loosing money.

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