Motivational speakers and their speeches, seminars and their materials are prompting factors to be a better you, but are not the ultimate. That is not to say they are not helpful, they are.

A soldier in the war-front, being fully equipped either lives or dies, not necessarily because of anything but his desire to win the war. It takes wisdom to identify wisdom. Until you go to the hospital, you might not get the right diagnosis and medication for your health issues.

You alone know where the shoe pinches and where you are failing. You know the heights you have fallen from and how deep you have being hurt. If you are waiting for others to discover this for you, you might be waiting till eternity.

So, you have to help you. You have to rise up, you have to recognize where you stand. Until you are ready, motivational write-ups and speakers would not make sense to you. You are your own limitation. Now that you know this, what then are you waiting for?  GET UP! DESIRE A BETTER YOU! NO ONE CAN, EXCEPT YOU DESIRE IT!



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