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This is a short Tweet Article which summaries what I feel about the Kirk Franklin and Kanye West Saga.

  1. Today feels like one of those days where I’m out to make new friends and lose a few friends. #KirkAndKanye

…Where I’m going to influence at least 10,000 people to think my way,                #KirkAndKanye

…Where I’m going to lose a few people’s respect (I care-less) and gain more from    others, #KirkAndKanye

…Where people will un-follow and un-friend me to create space for other people to take their space. #KirkAndKanye

  1. I guess you can imagine how I’m feeling, two words that can in a way express it – Nervous & Mix-feelings. #KirkAndKanye

…That is because I have to say how I feel about a subject that has been a trending topic in churches and almost everywhere. #KirkAndKanye

  1. Yes, it’s about Kirk Franklin and Kanye West’s collaboration and the Losing My Religion Album. #KirkAndKanye
  2. First, I want to say that Christians are the most amazing people on the planet. The ‘familiness’ is sweet. OMG #KirkAndKanye
  3. I remember how the church around the world rose up against the Mali Music and Konvict Music deal… #KirkAndKanye
  4. Also, when Mali Music made statements of going mainstream on interviews, the church rose against that Mainstream idea… #KirkAndKanye
  5. I really want to thank the church for always playing that family role by showing very serious concerns. #KirkAndKanye
  6. Now to the point that got me writing #KirkandKanye.
  7. So many things have been said by so many people about the Kirk and Kanye’s collaboration. #KirkAndKanye
  8. Kirk Franklin after 4 years released his 12th studio album – Losing My Religion, and that got people talking. #KirkAndKanye
  9. Kirk who has not always been on the same page with “Christian religious” beliefs now wants to lose his religion? #KirkAndKanye
  10. For us who follow the Gospel music and church trends, we understand what that would mean on the stand point of probability. #KirkAndKanye
  11. Permit me to say that the church has been too religious in their judgement most times. (Cast no stone please) #KirkAndKanye
  12. I can remember how some elders would look at you funny when you say “that guy is awesome” because the word “Awesome” by then was used only to describe God. Do I have a witness on this? #KirkAndKanye
  13. And so the Losing My Religion CD is to help us lose our religious attitudes and be real in our relationship with God. #KirkAndKanye
  14. Please follow me on this – we’re going somewhere together huh? #KirkAndKanye
  15. Let me quickly sound this and make it as loud and clear as The WhatsUpCity would do. #KirkAndKanye
  16. Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship please!!! #KirkAndKanye
  17. The scripture lots of people use to express their argument on the #KirkandKanye saga is 2 Corinthians 6:14
  18. “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers…” 2 Cor. 6: 14(NIV) #KirkAndKanye
  19. Two keywords I want to stress are “together” and “yoked” #KirkAndKanye
  20. That scripture for me simply means “don’t be bound by the same “law” that binds an unbeliever” #KirkAndKanye
  21. It also means, don’t operate with the same beliefs an unbeliever operates with. #KirkAndKanye
  22. Don’t do the things unbelievers do that makes them who they are. Stay different! #KirkAndKanye
  23. Following my brief explanation of the popular scripture we use in the argument, my question is, where did Kirk Franklin go wrong? #KirkAndKanye
  24. Oh, that he did a song with an ‘unbeliever’? #KirkAndKanye
  25. If all your partners and co-workers, friends, family members are Christ’s believers, then “cast the stone”. #KirkAndKanye
  26. Religion blinds our eyes to the truth. #KirkAndKanye
  27. Have you listened to Kirk’s part in the song he did with Kanye? What was his part? #KirkAndKanye
  28. Jesus the Christ, the one you claim to be his believer came first for them sinners #KirkAndKanye
  29. Jesus at one point or another related with unbelievers but He never played by their rules. #KirkAndKanye
  30. The Gospel is needed more by the people on the other side but every Sunday, we go to church, sing and lift up holy hands and enjoy the Word of God. #KirkAndKanye
  31. Before you start criticizing Kirk Franklin, when last did you take the word to the street, to the mainstream audience, to the folks who need it/HIM the most? #KirkAndKanye
  32. Friends, it’s time we lost our religion and grow our relationship with Jesus the Christ. #KirkAndKanye
  33. Let me take you through another example. God told Hosea His Prophet to marry a sex-worker (Hosea 1:2) #KirkAndKanye
  34. If we were in the days of the Bible, I think we would have killed Hosea for such blasphemy against our Holy God. #KirkAndKanye
  35. But you see, God is not like man. He is a purpose-driven God. Whatever He allows to happen has a role in his plan and purpose. #KirkAndKanye
  36. I believe Kanye and Kirk are acting out a script (scene) in God’s movie… #KirkAndKanye
  1. I urge everyone to be patient with God till the movie is done. I believe that one of the scenes in the movie will give us a reason to be happy. #KirkAndKanye
  2. There is a redemption plan for everyone. Just like Kirk urged every listener of the Lose My Religion Album to pray for him, I join him to say please let’s not judge both Kirk and Kanye. Let’s pray for them and ourselves. #KirkAndKanye
  3. The end of a race determines the winner and not the beginning… #KirkAndKanye
  4. Till then, pray for one another. #KirkAndKanye#


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Marvel Umoh is Online Publicist, a Radio Personality and a PR Strategist. He loves music and music knows that…lol, He is a believer in the world’s greatest and blessed country – Nigeria and believes that for Nigeria to grow into the Nation its predestined to be, Nigerians must take responsibility for whatever goes on or happen to and in Nigeria hence the campaign – #iAmNigeria.


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