Nigerians and the Hiss Therapy || MARY TALES



When you make that tshewww, mtcheww or psheww sound, you are hissing and that’s one way of expression you can’t take away from us, we Nigerians are uniquely skilled at it.

From the hawker on the street not being able to get a balance for a buyer to the story of the President spilling his drink on his shirt, for a true Nigerian one thing can kill the thought of all that – just a hiss.

For the benefit of those who may not know what hissing means in Nigerian terms, let me explain. Hissing is a sharp displeasing sound that is generated when you press your lips together and slowly open and drag in air through your almost clenched teeth, with your tongue barring your teeth. It is a sound mostly made by Nigerians and it symbolizes: anger, frustration, or reaction to nonsense.

We are truly one of the most amazing people anyone can come across. We dance, sing and smile despite the poor state of the economy, poverty, insecurity and health issues not forgetting the distorting power supply.

We hardly commit suicide. We are one of the happiest people in the world who combine all our frustrations into one hiss and release it.

Sure there are other ways we express ourselves when angry or bothered like complaining, shouting, screaming, blogging and writing them down. But the easiest way of letting it out is with a well-timed hiss.

The hiss can happen because of many reasons apart from as an expression of anger or frustration, it may be as a result of other things for example “NEPA taking the light in the middle of an interesting movie” or when you realize that you forgot a very important document at home, it may also come when that interesting friend of yours pulls another silly joke.

Yes! Hissing is not courteous but we just can’t help it.

So the next time you hiss, don’t be ashamed because it’s a therapy in our culture that provides instant stress relief.


WRITTEN BY Mary Israel  || EDITED BY Confidence Awak



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