Mind Shift || Bold Talks With Bola

There is a common saying where I hail from, “he that spends his time sleeping will eventually become a slipper.”

Slippers no matter how aesthetically appealing are rarely worn at official gatherings. It is worn only for relaxation and ease. In the hierarchy of foot wears, slippers are the least. You do not care for your slippers as you would for your other foot wears as they are mostly cheap and common, compared to others.

However it is thought provoking to note that many have adopted the “slippers-mentality” doing things casually, at their own comfort and expect the “Ralph Lauren reward”. It sure does not work that way. You cannot be devoid of values and expect others to treat you with it.

Until you commence reasoning like an executive of a multi-billion company would, the only share on your plate will be leftovers.




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