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Despite the fact that God predetermines every single event in our lives does not qualify us to spend time gazing into the sky all day wondering, asking and cursing. If you are going through something, do not let it just take your time, Speak up through it.

There is time for everything, whatever time it is in our lives, let’s make the most of it.

This Week On SpeakUp

Lose you Love! How in this world is that supposed to happen!

I would share with you a story that I believe would help us figure how. Though it is long but we would get to the end.

You have to believe me, it not a movie, neither is it just an ordinary story.

Carlin,                                                                           Troy,

age 20,                                                                           age 23, n

Second year in university,                                        Final year in University

These two are different people with different backgrounds, no similarities that could possible make them twins or even neighbours, but one thing connects their story “LOVE”.

Carlin and Troy were born into a relationship, although it began even before they were born. Born into Relationship? Yes! They had a choice, a choice to grow up and not find each partner interesting or have the same feeling for their partners.

They grew up to like whom they had been involved with.  Describing these two characters, Carlin is pretty, intelligent student and smart. On the other hand, Troy quite unexplainable but he was born with the shiny shimmering silver spoon and intelligent.

Each character’s partner was wealthy but they never showed off their wealth.  Carlin and Troy were loved even before they were brought forth from their mother’s womb. (Before I formed you in the womb, I knew and approved you; before you were brought forth I choose thee… Jeremiah 1:5)

 To Lose love

Carlin never understood the full meaning of love but she enjoyed the presence of her partner (I was glad when they say let us go into the presence… Psalm 122:1) each time she had an opportunity to meet him at his place, she always found this unexplainable gladness (When I come into your…….1 chronicles 16:28). Carlin was ready to spend more time to know her partner more, she was soft minded very compassionate although too distracted.

She wanted that perfect relationship but did not know how to keep away from the other men that walked by her way. These other men were smaller, not even wealthy, not all that good looking but attractive. Carlin did not know how to lose love for their distracting attractions for the perfect  love she already had.

Her partner knew, he saw every single thing she did but he still had his arms open to take her back when those other men broke her heart.  Carlin was distracted, it’s not like she did not know how to be faithful, but she got carried away forgetting that she had that perfect love already. Sometimes she felt her partner did not love her that much, all these were because she did not understand the depth of his love.

When it comes to the topic of love, we have that touchy, funny feeling. Yeah!

Truth be told, if we don’t speak up about it, we’ll not be able to discover, encounter and learn about the true and perfect love. Do not concentrate on the surface for too long for I have learnt that it’s from the inside that the surface can be really appreciated and accepted.

Lose Love for that distracting Centre of vain attraction so you can have the opportunity of enjoying the perfect love.

Next Week on Speak UP  our story continues, Over Love



Deborah Archibong  is a blogger at www.dflavorville.com, Singer, choregrapher and the content manager at www.advance.com.ng.




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