#POEM: Yesterday’s FIRE – Kenny Poet


Yesterday an inferno visited the building right next to us,

Very rude she was…who in the world told her she was welcome?

But in her open palms was the invitation letter,

The same paper that had first caught fire, rolled into a cigarette, smoked by rouges in my area.


So she went on a rampage, her small self…

Destroying the properties of others with her milk tooth,

She did it so quick, chewing away beautiful buildings into dark ashes,

And if she ever lost any of her fiery teeth, the tooth fairy would be unfair to replace it with a dollar,


I liken a child to the fire or the fire to a child for it always starts innocent…

First satisfied with the little objects we give it to eat to keep us warm,

Then like a ‘child’ it becomes curious and wants to know how big buildings taste…

And then it explores causing us to need hundreds of fire trucks to bring it down.


The ‘fire’ in a child roars when the rod is spared and it causes the child to be rude which burns his or her parent’s joy down,

And the ‘child’ in a fire is never satisfied- wanting more and more, crawling towards bigger houses and burning them down, crying ‘ees my yown’…

Crying out the more every time we try to make it ‘Keep quiet’…

Fortunately the heroes in Fire trucks came yesterday and finally turned the fire off.


But when a child’s actions and words begin to consume and burn…who shall we call?

For the fire is in the child and the water that normally puts out fires only helps he or she take a bath.

The fire in them burns up their insides, charring their emotions and feelings,

They grow to become evil and change to become people that set real fires like yesterday’s fire.


“A man doesn’t just ‘suddenly’ change into something good or bad! Change always happens slowly- as unconscious or conscious repetitive actions then without requesting your permission…..it explodes into an addiction”



Jokotoye oluremi (kennypoet) is an ‘everyday’ person with a passion for writing and public speaking. Spoken words is what I do to tell people about God.



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