With Vlogging, I was able to speak-out about the injustice and marginalisation that was happening in my country and I did a short documentary about it and people could see the pain that their fellow humans were passing through and the world came to our aid. –CHRIS WANYE

Vlogging has given me the opportunity of expressing myself, my ideas and thoughts about relationship via video format without charges or restrictions. –TOKE MAKINWA

I have added colour to the world of “Make up Artistry” through the video tutorial I do on my blog channel and I have gotten lots of financial benefit through it. – STELLA’S ADICTION

When you hear the word VLOG! What comes to your mind? Do you know that Vlogging is one of the latest trends? I guess you already knew that right?  Vlogging is the act of doing a video through your phone camera or any sophisticated video tool about any topic and airing it on the internet [Esp. YOUTUBE] for people to stream.

Vlogging is another way of blogging, but it is in a more elaborated form, it is a visual way of communication, mostly done through the internet and also a form of cyber journalism.

What I like about video blogs is that I get to see the vlogger live and direct and as a Vlogger you can discuss any topic of your choice ranging from Politics, Lifestyle, Business, Music, Culture, Religion or Activism without having issues with the National Broadcasting Commission of your country.

Here are some tips if you think you can start Vlogging.

  1. SELECT YOUR NICHE: We all know our passion and what we are good at doing. You have to choose an area of expertise that you won’t struggle to keep up with and create a Channel on YOUTUBE which you will be airing your shows on.


  1. WATCH THE TREND: Always find out what’s trending so you can contribute or engage your audience in a discussion about it. There are some people that are not aware of the trends, bringing it up for them to know will be a scintillating trip and they will have a good reason to come back to your channel.


  1. FOCUS ON QUALITY: Please always thrive to come up with interesting topics for your show and make sure the video and audio quality of the show is not crappy, because nobody will want to spend his/her time or data to stream a boring show or a poor quality video. Please make sure your videos are properly edited.


  1. BE CONSISTENT: This is where most people get it wrong, People just want to be like RYAN HIGA the world biggest Vlogger who has over 2 Million subscriber overnight. You have to be consistent; this will help you build trust and audience in your area of specialization. So if you have been Vlogging and nobody has been streaming; keep on Vlogging until you get yourself a {Deal} and maybe acquire a house in Banana Island or a Mansion in the Caribbean island. Lol!!!


It’s time to put your gargets to work. It’s time to channel your passion in the right direction where you can possibly make money while creating an impact through your videos/gadget instead of getting unnecessary likes on every picture you upload… lol.



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