Lose Your Love 2 || SpeakUp With Debbie Archibong

Losing love over LOVE is Very Essential. We read about Carlin last time. Carlin is a character in this story that does not get the full script about her life when it comes to the matter of love.  Carlin represents the lady or the man who feels he is not loved by God so he tries to find or feel love from material things in the world.
Carlin knows there’s someone who has perfect love for her, but she doesn’t understand why that person loves her so much and how to love back.

Troy, our other character hmm!

Troy has never had any other relationship except the one he was born into, he just finds it perfect. He understood his lover and never underestimated the strength of his lover. Anything that had to do with Troy and his lover seemed perfect, not because he was born perfect, but he learnt from his lover, understood  and practiced everything his lover taught him.

Troy knew how to lose love over LOVE, he did not care much about material things like Carlin. The way he loved his lover made him love everyone around him, even those who spoke ill about him or did not seem to like his personality.

In Troy’s life journey, he understood that losing love Over LOVE is Very Essential. He would not take a step or make a decision if he did not have the consent of his lover. Now, you would call that pure foolishness right?

I am wondering too! Why would someone just decide to tie his life to someone else’, in the name of love, when we are all born to be independent though we do not get the chance to be all the time.

Well! Troy and Carlin loved so dearly their lover because of  three things: Sacrifice, Truth and Priority.


What! Wait! Wait! Wait! What!

SOOO you are trying to say it wasn’t because of:

                                 sweet talks








     But hooked on because of Sacrifice, Truth and Priority?


Exactly that is what you read.

Umm, let me express them, so you can understand. Let’s Go!

Sacrifice: Troy and Carlin’s lover loved them so much that the only child he treasured, loved and adored was sent to be sacrificed (John 3v16) so that when people like Troy and Carlin will be born; they and their generation would not be killed for the mistakes they will make. His sacrifice, done out of love, made it possible for people like Troy and Carlin to get more than just a second chance in the world. His Sacrifice made it possible for people like Troy and Carlin to have a personal contact with him; Talk with him and listen to him talk back, have a smooth relationship with him.

Truth: Carlin and Troy’s lover was true to them, even when Carlin was not faithful. He kept every promise and never changed his mind towards her. Sometimes Carlin was so doubtful of his presence and even gave attention to other things than to him but he still kept his relationship with her true.  ( 1 Corinthians 13 vs 1-8)

Priority: Troy and Carlin’s lover made them his priority. Out of his love, he cared so much about every detail regarding their life activities. And it was even better for Troy because, he never made any decision without his lovers consent. (John 4 v 19)

The lover in the story is Jesus and here the good news is He loves you too so dearly.

Next Week’s Topic:  Proximity to Clarity

Have A Great Week!



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