Much Ado About Nation Building 1 || BOLD TALKS With Bola

Nation-Building.jpgIt is an open secret that things are a bit difficult, and everyone is trying to survive. But I am somewhat troubled! In a bid to turn the wheel of luck around, the solution proffered is that of nation building. Ironically, everyone now carries the tag without knowing the whole duties of a nation builder. Having carried out researches and a feasible analysis of what we have, and what is suppose to be, I find a huge disparity, a widening gulf.

Nation building goes beyond fancy clothes, polished diction, armed motorcades, facts, figures and statics, hopes, wishes and aspiration. It goes down to men and women, who are ready to battle, not necessary physically, but essentially spiritually.

Each nation has her origin from a source. For those of us in the “third world”, developing/ underdeveloped countries, our anger and protest (angst), has coerced our progenitors into some acts and arts that they fall to understand the full grasp of their actions.

The forces we once battled and are currently battling do not understand our approach. If it were to understand, our troubles would have been over, as we would have sent them packing with our countless certificates and polished diction! Whilst we maintain the civilized outlook in the physical, we must become hungry lions in the spiritual. No man has ever overpowered a stronger man by mere playing around, it takes strategy. A sheep does not overpower a lion with mere words, it must become as the lion, sometimes more powerful than its opponents to tell the tales of victory… much ado about nation building.

We will win!



Bola Daniel is a Thespian by profession and Public Speaker by certification. Juxtaposing his certification and profession, which in truth is his passion, he aims at improving the world, starting with his immediate milieu, Nigeria. His target audiences are those who desire to break off from their trance-like state and battle head-on with the realities of life.


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