ELECTION OR WAR? || MALACHY LOUNGE With Sampson Malachy [@iAmMalachy]


The footages on the internet and international television of a certain state in Nigeria that held re-run elections were a gory sight to behold. They were images of explosives, guns, bloodied bodies, and a number of dead people. Amazingly, these images were not coming from the scenes of a scripted ‘James bond’ movie shoot, neither was it from the scenes of  conventional war zones like Syria, nor from scenes from terrorist attacks in Iraq, Iran, or even Boko Haram unleashing Bombs in the streets of Maiduguri in Nigeria. These footages had no connection between Hollywood and Nollywood. The images of the so called “Election” came from scenes of elections in the House of Assembly, Federal House of Representative and House of Senate constituencies where the courts ordered repeat elections respectively.

Four people including a youth corps member that was ‘obeying Nigeria’s call to serve His Fatherland’ died in the very course. Talking of the youth corps member; the dead long (A.S.U.U STRIKE) did not kill him, the intimidation(s) and abuse from his lecturers in the university did not kill him, Bird Flu, Ebola or even Lassa fever did not dine with him, hunger and scarcity of cash that seem to be the order of the day for majority of students did not kill him, why should it be an election that is meant to be peaceful? What role did he contribute to the violence? What was his crime?

These politicians aspire to be in public offices by chime. They fight, maim, destroy and kill just to impose themselves to work as our “servants”. These people do not have the masses in their minds, what they want is self-enrichment, Political fame and influence. Do you know that our national legislators are the highest paid in the world? Let’s no go there oh!

Local and international observers, including envoys of the United States and of the United Kingdom and other countries have condemned the violence that attended the Electoral exercise and they have all expressed their utter disappointment at the outcome(s) of the election and it keeps me wondering how people in the world will look at us. Will they ever take us as serious-minded people? “For me, any politician that kills or rigs an election has failed the test of democracy”. The ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS [APC] AND THE PEOPES DEMOCRATIC PARTY [PDP] has failed Nigeria in the area of electoral violence.

I think all Nigerian Politicians and their entire loyalist need to be schooled again and again about the meaning of an election and leadership because what happened in Rivers state was not an ELECTION but a National Embarrassment to Nigeria and all it Citizenry.



Sampson Malachy is a United Nation Online Volunteer, Radio O.A.P and a Mediapreneur. He is passionate about making the world a better place for all. You can reach him via sampsonmalachy@yahoo.com follow him on Twitter @iamMalachy.




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