Much Ado About Nation Building 2 || BOLD TALKS With Bola


Nation Builders are tasked with several responsibilities and assignments. There are countless battles to be fought, lands to be won, enemies to be defeated, conquered and vanquished; these and many more are the responsibilities involved.

I shudder in fear and laugh in fright, when every tom, dick and harry accord themselves the title, “Nation Builder!” HELLO, this is war and work, not a child’s play nor a cake walk! A child does not stroll to the war front; even trained warriors go prepared or risk returning back as corpses.

Lord Bartok, in The Last Knights said, “the wounds of honour are self-inflicted.” I once said to myself, “I will kill myself in private, to become better in public.” There are lots of tasks to be done, a lot of grounds to be covered. The ultimate test of a nation builder is to himself when the eyes of men are a far off. A man without all these virtues is like the proverbial city without its fence; it is vulnerable and defenseless. It truly goes far beyond the paparazzi and the ceremonies to be attended.

So to you who have adopted the title, “Nation Builder”, how well can you handle public funds left in your care, without the public’s knowledge? How well are you preparing in private to advance the nation in public? How much are you sacrificing? How concerned are you for the nation’s welfare?

Our founding fathers sacrificed even their lives, and today, we have those only interested in fattening their bank accounts at the expense of the masses. What a shame! However, a great storm is coming; its rage is visible in the skies but only few true Nation Builders see it, herald its coming and prepare for it! … much ado about nation building.



Bola Daniel is a Thespian by profession and Public Speaker by certification. Juxtaposing his certification and profession, which in truth is his passion, he aims at improving the world, starting with his immediate milieu, Nigeria. His target audiences are those who desire to break off from their trance-like state and battle head-on with the realities of life.


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