#POEM: My Eyes Have Rebelled – Jokotoye Oluremi (kennyP)

As I write this I stammer hopelessly,

And I thank my stars that I write this rather than speak this,

For days would have turn to months and months, years before I could coherently say all this,

I have been compelled to raise my head and stare at you,

It scares me, for I have lost count of the number of times I’ve forsaken my books to look at you,

My books complain endlessly, the library tries to warn me, turning its lights on and off in rage,

At least the fans seem to be on my side, the jovial sound of their spinning arms seem to applaud me,

My mind is so engrossed and I keep thinking about the force that makes me stare…..perhaps you are a magician, but I have a solution.

I hear there is a liquid portion that, when drank, can make a woman ugly….for a few minutes,

I shall climb the highest mountains, walk through the hottest deserts and swim through the deepest oceans, if need be, to find this liquid portion,

And when I do, on my knees I shall beg you to drink of it every time you decide to go to the library or walk on the streets,

Because I know that every other guy feels the same way I do, though they find it hard to speak,

But if you refuse to drink of this liquid portion to reduce this beauty, this fairness that causes me so much ‘evil’ good,

Then I shall absolutely have no choice but to pray to be struck with blindness. But then, I wouldn’t be able to read either…..*sighs*




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