Proximity To Clarity ||SpeakUp With Debbie Archibong

What is Proximity to Clarity

Let’s go back in the past years, you do remember the Tom and Jerry cartoon. The one where a blue skinned cat chases a brown skinned mouse.

Yes ! I believe that’s your response.


Wait.. Wait.. Wait for it.

Tom is always close I mean really close to getting Jerry but he doesn’t get him. Even in some scenes where he finally gets Jerry, Jerry still gets away and continues giving Tom a hard time.

Does that help I mean do you understand what I Mean by Proximity to clarity.

Not yet?

Okay keep reading

Get a bible read  Psalm 23:1 “The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want”


I do know a shepherd leads, he treats his sheep good, he protects them from harm.

I hope you get what I mean by proximity to clarity now.

It’s still not clear?

Okay  Keep reading

I thought I knew why my column is called Speak up with Debbie, brrr

Now I am not so sure. Although I believe the article make sense to someone that why I keep writing.

Do you get what I mean by Proximity to clarity?

Not yet ?

Chill,  I’ll be patient till we both figure out the best way I can tell you what Proximity to clarity is.

Hold on to this till next week. “Proximity to clarity can limit but it can’t stop you (1)”.


Next week Proximity to Clarity In Church



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