Much Ado About Nation Building 3 || BOLD TALKS With Bola

There is a sickening trend but yet popular, though deadly but still celebrated. The masses destabilized and forced to cope in utter poverty, the leaders in awesome bliss; this is a sadden reality.

It becomes questionable which is the first point of concern, the welfare of the masses or those at the helms of affairs? While it is of concern that the leaders are provided with all they need to disseminate their duties, a line must be drawn to curb the celebrated excessiveness.

Excesses are the shift of concern for the led and their welfare to the fatten pockets and ‘plastered status, all at the detriment of the masses growth. Every tom, dick and harry desires to be at the helms of affair, but I quiver in fear, not for myself alone, but for the masses. I fear, as I do not understand their true motive, is it for the welfare of the masses and creation of better opportunities, or selfish interest and status update?

Can’t a bill be passed and made law that any leader who fails to meet up with the duties of his office, should not be paid in full? If servants can be punished when they falter in their responsibilities, it would not be wrong to ask our “public servants in high places” to taste a bit of this corrective tool. If a Corper on National Assignment can be denied extra-allowance when there is an extension in service year due to lack of commitment, why can’t our leaders who implemented this policy, have a taste of the same medicine?

We are all leaders in our right, with followers of diverse numbers. As we complain of other leaders, we must ensure our leadership approach is true and just. It would utterly be distasteful to scorn those who publicly err, while you are not just yourself. This is the right way to build a nation. I’m interested in the welfare of my nation and majorly concerned about the helms of affairs, you too should… much ado about nation building



Bola Daniel is a Thespian by profession and Public Speaker by certification. Juxtaposing his certification and profession, which in truth is his passion, he aims at improving the world, starting with his immediate milieu, Nigeria. His target audiences are those who desire to break off from their trance-like state and battle head-on with the realities of life.


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