Much Ado About Nation Building 4 || BOLD TALKS With Bola


I really wonder what some political leaders and aspirants are compassionate about, whether the nation’s welfare, or their lion’s share of the nation’s wealth! Though mocked when she busted into wail, “there is God,” there was still a projection of concern not just as the wife to the then President, but as a mother who felt the burns.

The other day I was viewing a political rally on the television, the words that were spoken by the aspirants were callow and puerile, not even fit for a student union election. I was not surprised reading Sunday’s paper that the election was bloody with undiluted violence, a disturbing trend during elections.

Until we can boldly say the lives of the masses are more valuable than personal ambitions, we may but be going in circles.

Are there truly people who would go on days without pleasure and comfort, just to see the nation better? Are there people who will go on sleepless nights just to see inhumane treatments grow less? Are there people who will dare the devil in the face just to see a better phase emerge?

The nation is simply a juxtaposition of individuals with different beliefs and ideological stance. We know how much dedication and precision we would invest in erecting our own buildings, why don’t we transfer the same zeal and zest into building our nation, not just for some selected tribe, but for all… much ado about nation building




Bola Daniel is a Thespian by profession and Public Speaker by certification. Juxtaposing his certification and profession, which in truth is his passion, he aims at improving the world, starting with his immediate milieu, Nigeria. His target audiences are those who desire to break off from their trance-like state and battle head-on with the realities of life.


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