Much Ado About Nation Building 5 || BOLD TALKS With Bola

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Nation builders are not pretenders; they are true to their words. Having realized and discovered where the errors emanated from, they don’t go back with the intent of trading words, rather they do something mind-blowing!

They go about seeking how to improve the situation in truth, and not under the guise of some media stunt. Compassion and empathy as opposed to mere concern and sympathy are their watch-word. In simple words, they are not merely concerned with the state of things; they are troubled when the masses are in distress.

These virtue in them are so contagious, that those around become infected; consciously or otherwise. Their words becomes light in dark places, their presence is enough reason to get to work, a hope for the upcoming generation.

Their paramount mission is not to get recognized, but to leave undeniable impact in the sands of time. They are not perfect; they are far from the height of perfection. However, they do not make this an excuse, but an opportunity for use. They are swift to calling erring parties to order, not minding the status quo of the parties involved. They are the light of the nation in dark places.

You must have names running through your mind, of people who have dared the tyrant of the day and cause a positive impact in the cause of your nation. Don’t just be a wishful thinker and a colossal of history, plunge out deep and right the wrong in your nation. This is a call to intellectual re-orientation and opposition to pretenders who have painted a wrong picture of nation building.

The life of a true nation builder is that of sacrifice, the sacrifice of individual comfort for that of the common man… much ado about nation building


ABOUT THE WRITER                                                                                                                           Bola Daniel is a Thespian by profession and Public Speaker by certification. Juxtaposing his certification and profession, which in truth is his passion, he aims at improving the world, starting with his immediate milieu, Nigeria. His target audiences are those who desire to break off from their trance-like state and battle head-on with the realities of life.

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