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They told me I argue alot… Well, that was whiles I was still doing my growing up. And they made me believe one day I will be called to the Bar. Or were they talking about the Bar with bottles? I’m Still thinking.

I’m glad I was not called to or for any of those.

A Call To DUTY… This is a call lots of people have run away from, others are ignorant of what the call is for and about.

Today we have many things going wrong in the world, as if there were not people assigned for certain duties and positions that have been neglected.

Your DUTY is your assignment.

  1. What you were created to do.
  2. What you were created to create.
  3. The problems you were created to solve.
  4. The places you were created to occupy.

Think about it… How useful is a laundry soup on your toothbrush?

How useful are you on the wrong job?

There are too many engineers working as nurses and doctors in hospitals that’s why we have people dying because of some very silly errors.

We have too many soldiers posing as Civil Engineers that’s why we still have ‘building Collapses’ in our country.

Fam, if you are not wired for a thing, you can’t enjoy it. You can’t do it well.

So many workers, look-out for 4pm as a pregnant woman looks out for the ninth Month. These set of workers don’t enjoy what they are doing because that is not their DUTY.

Let me say this, one of the Biggest problems of the world is the fact that people are doing what they were not created to do, people are occupying places that is not theirs, hence, negligence of their original place; their DUTY.

There are too many vacuums and there are too many already congested places in the world.

It’s time for us to take our place and fill up our space.

It’s time for us to answer that CALL TO DUTY.

Do what you find fulfillment doing. Soon you will live in the midst of your dreams.

You will be all you were created to be. I pray you will not miss it.

You will succeed beyond your dreams.



About The Writer

Marvel Umoh is a Radio Personality, Thought Leader and A Public Relations Strategist. He is passionate about dishing out the right knowledge which will help you live out your purpose.


TWITTER: @MarvelUmoh | INSTAGRAM: @MrMarvelUmoh

EMAIL: |PHONE:+234-708-409-9965


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